At Marin, we believe life is better with bikes. Our brand was born in a cycling mecca, and we ride the same trails and routes that bred mountain bikes and many of the most prolific and innovative brands in our sport. At 30+ years old, we continue to have the same childlike fascination and obsession with bikes that brought us to this industry. 

We believe that bikes make us better people: healthier, more relaxed, and happier. It is our mission to get you on a bike, and to make sure that you have a good time doing it. To that end, we make a wide range of models, from exotic, full suspension, high tech rippers, to bike path cruisers. We’re committed to cycling’s wide range of disciplines. If you’re a hardcore mountain bike rider, or a casual cyclist, you’re like us and we’d like to go for a ride together. Visit our website to learn more about our brand and products here.


Alpine Trail 8

"If you’re looking for a fun 29er enduro bike at a fair price, you should take a closer look at the Marin Alpine Trail. With its very balanced geometry and the mostly good spec, the Alpine Trail is a sound basis for a loyal companion for everything from long rides, bike park visits and enduro races."

Enduro Mag

Mount Vision 9

"If you’re looking for ground tracing traction and un-matched small bump performance that will effortlessly soak up big hits and landings, the Mount Vision is insane. Not just a one trick pony, this bike also climbs exceptionally well. Whether in or out of the saddle, a stable pedal platform supports you while the suspension still soaks up every bump.."

Loam Wolf

Wolf Ridge 8

"As a one-bike quiver, the Wolf Ridge might be about as good as it gets for riders looking to tackle a huge range of terrain." 

Dirt Rag


Bikes in the Van

Bikes (from upper left to bottom right): Alpine Trail 8, Mount Vision 9, Wolf Ridge 8, Rift Zone 3